Posted on 27-Mar-2019

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QUESTION: I was wondering how much it would cost to have 6 upper front teeth fixed by bonding. Slightly chipped and worn, and would like to have them fixed. Do you also take private health cover as well? ANSWER: Tooth bonding is a process wherein the dentist applies a composite resin to the tooth that have become discolored or physically damaged. The plastic resin will be tooth-colored to blend in, and your teeth can be bonded for numerous reasons. If it covers the whole front surface area of the tooth, we called it Composite Veneer.
With regards to Dental Bonding, our costing is very personalised as it is based on a number of different factors including the alignment of your teeth, the level of work involved (either as Entry Level, Midrange or Premium range),Complexity of your individual smile e.g. How much colour and shade work is needed etc and finally your desired expectations. The cost is also influenced how big is the surface area being cosmetically improve.
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